The second generation of Hoop Nets developed by Promar, the Eclipse Nets are proven to catch more tasty crustaceans. Innovatively designed with 3 concentric rings, the Eclipse Hoop Nets feature a smaller 20″ entrance ring on top with a larger 36″ base ring and a bait pouch ring in the center of the net. This reverse hoop net stands on 4 solid support posts which can be easily detached, collapsing the hoop net for easy storage. This designed is extremely effective in preventing the escape of your catch. These nets feature the patented Promar Bait Pouch in the center.

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Model # Size
NE-108 36” base ring

Collapsible Design: Nets lay flat for easy storage storage

Heavy Ply Poly Netting: Nets lay flat for easy storage

Heavy Ply Poly Netting: Stronger and spook proof black

Extra Large Rings: Large diameter rings allow for more catch volums and larger troghy crustaceans

Exclsive Double-Laryered Bait Pounch: Eclipse hoop nets feature a patented bait holding pouch proven to catch more crabs and lobster

Fully Rigged: Rig with (NE-103EK) Eclipse Hoop Net Kit