We are always looking for ways to improve your outdoor experience and this time the Premier Series Landing Nets are getting an upgrade. We kept all of the dependable features from before, including the Hook-Resist anti-snag netting, and added an easy-to-use adjustable knob to extend or retract the telescopic handle. Each model in this series has multiple length positions that securely lock in to your preferred handle length. The new sleek design features sturdy octagon handles, molded grips, and solid aluminum frames.


Hoopin’ in Deep Water for Spiny Lobster

      Successful anglers constantly adapt to different situations, many times adjusting to varying environmental conditions. This can be a subtle adjustment to the gear you are already using or it may require switching to a completely different setup. Hooping for California Spiny Lobster is no exception therefore Promar made some adjustments. ( Photo: […]

Consejos para la pesca de Langosta

Consejos para la pesca de Langosta   Jeremiah Daluperit Promar | ahí USA – Pro-Staff ¿Te ha pasado por la mente pescar por langosta en las aguas del Sur de California pero solo has escuchado historias de las capturas de tus amigos? Existe una manera en la que puedes disfrutar la gloria de traer a […]

California Lobster Hooping Basics

Lobster Hooping Basics By Jeremiah Daluperit Promar | ahi USA – Pro-Staff If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at catching local lobster but have only heard stories from friends, there is a way you can get in on all the glory of bringing home these tasty ocean bugs and eat like a king […]

Bait & Bait Containers

Bait While there is a lot of discussion as to what bait works best to attract lobsters, we’ve found that an oily type fish such as skipjack, bonito, salmon heads, sardines, anchovies and mackerel, typically work best. Mackerel being probably the most commonly used lobster bait in Southern California, perhaps due to its availability and […]